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[Read] ➹ A Little Princess  ➵ Frances Hodgson Burnett – Submitalink.info A Timeless Classic To Be Read Over And Over.The Story Of Sara Crewe, The Little Princess Who Triumphs Over Loneliness, Poverty, And Cruelty, Is As Powerful And Exciting Today As When It Was First Published In 1905 Wise Beyond Her Years And Compassionate Beyond Her Circumstances, Sara Keeps Her Spirits Up By Imagining Herself A Princess By Refusing To Give Up And Continuing To Believe In Herself, Sara Makes Her Own Magic Frances Hodgson Burnett, Whose Father Died When She Was Young And Left Her Family To Face Hard Times, Has Created An Inspiring Tale Of A Mistreated But Determined Girl This Attractive Edition Of The Treasured Classic Is Sure To Be Cherished By Your Own Family For Years To Come.The Illustrations For This Series Were Created By Scott McKowen, Who, With His Wife Christina Poddubiuk, Operates Punch Judy Inc., A Company Specializing In Design And Illustration For Theater And Performing Arts Their Projects Often Involve Research Into The Visual Aspects Of Historical Settings And Characters Christina Is A Theater Set And Costume Designer And Contributed Advice On The Period Clothing For The Illustrations.Scott Created These Drawings In Scratchboard, An Engraving Medium Which Evokes The Look Of Popular Art From The Period Of These Stories Scratchboard Is An Illustration Board With A Specifically Prepared Surface Of Hard White Chalk A Thin Layer Of Black Ink Is Rolled Over The Surface, And Lines Are Drawn By Hand With A Sharp Knife By Scraping Through The Ink Layer To Expose The White Surface Underneath The Finished Drawings Are Then Scanned And The Color Is Added Digitally.As The Popularity Of The Recent Lemony Snicket Books Proves, Children Never Get Tired Of Reading About Orphans And Their Misfortunes So Frances Hodgson Burnett S 1905 Story About A Pampered Little Rich Girl Who Suddenly Finds Herself Poor And Fatherless Should Continue To Entice Generations Of Fans.

10 thoughts on “A Little Princess

  1. Hailey (HaileyinBookland) Hailey (HaileyinBookland) says:

    Oh my goodness I absolutely adored this This brought me right back to childhood since I loved the movie as a kid, so glad the book is just as good

  2. Yulia Yulia says:

    My mother thought it completely foolish of me to buy a hardcover book and then finish it in one night these were the days before Harry Potter and, besides, we had enough books in our house, in her opinion But I loved owning this edition with its gorgeous images and, when I gave it to my younger cousins in Singapore, believing myself ready to part with my childhood attachment to a book I wouldn t ever forget, I did mourn its loss, th

  3. Lola Reviewer Lola Reviewer says:

    The movie based on this classic was the first one ever gifted to me and that when I was eight years old I ve always had a thing for princess stories They re usually so beautiful and this is no exception.Although, Sara is not really a princess But, seeing the way she acts with others, you may possibly think she is She is kind, generous, and very mature for her age When I first saw the movie, I was shocked It was beautiful yet so sad and poig

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    Whatever comes, she said, cannot alter one thing If I am a princess in rags and tatters, I can be a princess inside It would be easy to be a princess if I were dressed in cloth of gold, but it is a great dealof a triumph to be one all the time when no one knows it Much can be said about the improbabilities in the plot, about the desperate sentimentality and caricature of Victorian England s boarding school system It doesn t matter To me, Sarah Crew

  5. Maureen Maureen says:

    Book 3 for booktubeathon is DONE I finished this audiobook on the way to work this morning and MAN do I love this story I ve loved the movie for a long time and I loved this book just as much, although the endings and elements of the story were different Sarah is such a fantastically beautiful character with such a big heart for others I loved reading about her adventures and how she continued to have the attitude of a princess, regardless of her circumsta

  6. Piya Piya says:

    If I am a princess in rags and tatters, I can be a princess inside It would be easy to be a princess if I were dressed in cloth of gold, but it is a great dealof a triumph to be one all the time when no one knows it What an adorable, heartwarming little book I believe this is the second classic that I have read ever yeah, not a huge fan of classics .The plot is a very simple one.But, as an old wise man once stated Mysteries and complexities have their own charm bu

  7. emma emma says:

    I managed to write an almost full review of this book It is here can t believe I m saying this, butthe movie really was a better story.Maybe I ll go watch that for the millionth time.This book pales in comparison to The Secret Garden, but it was still good Hard to make an ber wealthy seven year old seem great, but this book does it Burnett KILLS it with the unlikable characters I liked the first half better than the I managed to write an almost full review of this book It

  8. Khadidja Khadidja says:

    A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett is the story of a little girl Sara whose father s bankruptcy and death leave her impoverished, alone, and at the mercy of the evil Miss Minchin, i didn t read the book when i was a child but i loved the animation adaptation of Burnett s book when I did read it Meeting the real Sara for the first time it was a completely different ...

  9. Celeste Celeste says:

    Full review now posted A buddy read with my friend Missy Some books don t hold up well over time Others improve with every reading This is a book that is firmly in the latter category for me I liked this book a lot when I was a child I love it as an adult Maybe I ve grown to adore this book because, as I age, the premise of the book and the lessons it teaches strike my heart harder I ve never experienced highs quite as high as those Sara Crewe experiences, and I ve never suffered through

  10. Leore Joanne Green Leore Joanne Green says:

    Downloaded this one in audio form from Librivox as well This is one of my all time favourite books I first read it when I was thirteen years old and a bit of an outcast at my school and it gave me strength to move on Her way of pretending things was very familiar to me and I got so sucked into the magic of the story.Hearing it now, I was afraid it would prove childish, as childhood favourites often do But to my delight it didn t Sarah was a bit naive at times, which doesn t conflict with th Down

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