A People's Army: Massachusetts Soldiers and Society in the

A People's Army: Massachusetts Soldiers and Society in the A People s Army documents the many distinctions between British regulars and Massachusetts provincial troops during the Seven Years War Originally published by UNC Press in , the book was the first investigation of colonial military life to give equal attention to official records and to the diaries and other writings of the common soldier The provincials own accounts of their experiences in the campaign amplify statistical profiles that define the men, both as civilians and as soldiers These writings reveal in intimate detail their misadventures, the drudgery of soldiering, the imminence of death, and the providential world view that helped reconcile them to their condition and to the war

10 thoughts on “A People's Army: Massachusetts Soldiers and Society in the Seven Years' War

  1. Travis Blanchard Travis Blanchard says:

    This is one of the best explorations of the differences between British regulars and provincial troops I have seen, and it does an admirable job deconstructing the minutia of the often strained and

  2. Bill Homan Bill Homan says:

    A People s Army is great text on the social history of the French and Indian War, America s part in the Seven Year s War It was really a world war the likes of which was not seen again until World W

  3. Dee W. Dee W. says:

    Fantastic read if you are at all interest in the build up to the American Revolution I know I am biased as being native to Massachusetts, but I do subscribe to the idea that the actual revolution was

  4. Karen Karen says:

    Please Note This is not going to be one of my better written or organized reviews I m trying to get down the essential points in a hurry to be used for an exam reference Reading this on the heels of F

  5. Derrick Lapp Derrick Lapp says:

    A People s Army is essentially Anderson s PhD dissertation converted to a book and published The theme is expanded into his great opus The Crucible of War This book is extremely useful for those who wh

  6. Josh Josh says:

    Anderson s A People s Army is an excellent social history of the Massachusetts Provincial militia during the Seven Years War The only problem is that Anderson argues for New England exceptionalism by cl

  7. JR Bricksfield JR Bricksfield says:

    For those interested in the individual experiences and perspectives of the provincial soldiers from New England who fought in the Seven Years War, Anderson s book is one of the best From extensive primar

  8. Mike H Mike H says:

    Fantastic blend of military history with social history methods looking at the demographics, practices, beliefs, and motivations of soldiers in the French Indian War, comparing the colonial troops with th

  9. Natalie Baer Natalie Baer says:

    Massachussetts soldiers in the French and Indian War

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