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➽ A Year of Good Eating: The Kitchen Diaries III Download ➺ Author Nigel Slater – Submitalink.info From The One Of Our Best Loved Food Writers And The Presenter Of BBC One S Eating Together, A Year Of Good Eating Is A Completely Fresh Take On Seasonal CookingThe Third Instalment Of Nigel Slater S Classic Kitchen Diaries Series, A Year Of Good Eating Explores The Balance And Pleasure In Eating Well Throughout The Year The Leisurely Recipes And Kitchen Stories Of The Diaries Are Ingeniously Interspersed With Seasonal Sections Of Quick, Weeknight Suppers In The Style Of Nigel S Most Recent Bestseller Eat A Salmon Pie With Herb Butter Sauce Or An Asparagus And Blue Cheese Tart For When You Have Time To Cook Roasted Summer Vegetables With Sausages Or Quick Baked Eggs And Greens For When You Need To Get Dinner On The Table FastWith Nigel S Characteristically Simple Recipes And Inspiring Writing, This New Book Will Make Good Eating A Joy, Every Day Of The Year

10 thoughts on “A Year of Good Eating: The Kitchen Diaries III

  1. Emilia Emilia says:

    Borrowed this from the library and exceeded my renewal quota Loved it so much I m going out to buy a copy to treasure

  2. Sharon Sharon says:

    One of my absolute favourite chefs or cooks His programs, articles and books are always a pleasure and this book is a personal diary of special foods,ingredients and favorites season by season I am a seasonal cook myself, so this book is an absolute treasure and will remain out on the shelf Enjoyed his life story and the BBC filming o

  3. Jess Xu Jess Xu says:

    Round 3 And no less good for it I have always loved The Kitchen Diaries, so realistically textured with the sensuousness of domestic life throughout the seasons Nigel Slater s writing is pure pleasure, so evocative of a certain kind of internal sensitivity that I readily identify with The recipes are always excellent, but to be honest, that

  4. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Well, Nigel appears to have redeemed himself from some of his recent ventures ahem Eat It s also interesting to read his record of travelling and eating in Japan, not something he s done in earlier books The entire fourth star however comes entirely from the pizza base recipe, which somehow manages to be the simplest yet best pizza base I ve ever m

  5. Lisa Taylor Lisa Taylor says:

    I love Nigel Slater I love his simple way of cooking, I love the way he writes, I love his attitude to life and the people of the world I love following his diary notes each week on what he has cooked, where he got his produce, his friends, his influences, his travels and his simple nights at home with friends Did I mention how much I love Nigel Slater Re

  6. Michelle Michelle says:

    I knew I would love this book the minute I read the recipe on the cover band Smoked garlic cauliflower cheese Nigel Slater never disappoints and, like the previous diaries, this book is delicious from the first page to the last.

  7. Anwen Anwen says:

    It s a typical Slater book Wonderful, lyrical prose as instantly comforting as a favourite teddy bear, recipes that make you want to tear off to the kitchen, right now And mouth watering pictures A joy from start to finish.

  8. Nicola Weideling Nicola Weideling says:

    I really enjoy reading Nigel Slater I read his cookbooks as much as I cook from them.His emphasis on a seasonal approach, and being inspired by what he sees in the markets, keeps me mindful with my meal planning.

  9. Martina Lennon Martina Lennon says:

    Nigel Slater is my favourite chef of all time He is just so innovative and a genuine greedy guts.

  10. TDK TDK says:

    As well as good recipes this book is written beautifully with lots of descriptive passages making the reader feel as if they are in the kitchen with him tasting these wonderful dishes.

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