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!!> Reading ➳ Any Other Night  ➬ Author Anne Pfeffer – Submitalink.info I Look At My Hands, Wondering If Michael S Here In The Gym, Watching Us Knowing Him, He D Probably Be Up To No Good.A Strange Thought Passes Through My Head I Could Just See Michael S Ghost Pranking His Own Moment Of Silence I Almost Tense Up, Expecting Firecrackers To Go Off At Any Minute So Thinks Ryan Mills, As He Grieves For His Best Friend Michael.Any Other Night, Ryan Would Have Driven Michael To Emily S Sweet Sixteen Party At The Breakers Club Instead, Determined To Win Over The Birthday Girl, He Goes To The Party Early And Alone, Setting Off A Chain Of Events That Ends With A Car Accident In Which Michael Dies.Ryan Blames Himself For What Happened To Michael As Far As He S Concerned, He Doesn T Deserve To Have Love Or Ever Be Happy Again Then He Learns Michael Left A Secret Behind Ryan Feels Compelled To Take On His Friend S Unfinished Business, And In The Process, Changes His Life Forever And Becomes A Man.This Book Was Published In October 2011 Under The Title Loving Emily In May 2012, It Was Reissued With Its Content Unchanged As Any Other Night Many Older Ratings And Reviews Remain Under The Old Title Please Put Newer Ratings And Reviews Here.A NOTE ABOUT CONTENT In This Book, Some Characters Use Profanity, Engage In Nonexplicit Sexual Activity, Or Take Illegal Drugs Thank You

10 thoughts on “Any Other Night

  1. Aa& Aa& says:

    Leaving his best friend Michael alone at the birthday party of his crush Emily to go and talk to her, Ryan has no idea what s about to happen When he gets home he finds out that Michael never made it that far instead he died in a car accident Ryan is haunted with guilt, made wors

  2. Nicola Nicola says:

    This is the same book as Loving Emily, just reissued with a new cover and title This is my original review Well, this book seriously took me by surprise It wasn t anything like I expected it to be but I don t mean that in a bad way I figured it would be a light and easy romance but it was

  3. Fred Fred says:

    This book was a pleasure to read and experience I wish I could remember how I found it, so I could properly thank the wonderful Goodreads friend who recommended it, and try to reciprocate with an equally charming book The story starts with MC Ryan so smitten with his lovely classmate Emily that he t

  4. Corina Corina says:

    Any Other NightWhat is with books making me cry lately I swear this one was yet another tear jerker, at least for me it was Ryan is a good guy, I mean honest to god good guy Did I love the romance in this book Yes, I love most romance, but for once the actual story itself is what compelled me to burn through

  5. Carrie Ardoin Carrie Ardoin says:

    Ryan Mills is pretty much like any other high school junior in love with a beautiful, unattainable girl, best friends with guy who is like a brother, and no real clue about what he wants to do with his future But one thing s different his dad is an Oscar winning director, and neither of his parents are ever home Ryan t

  6. Ivana Ivana says:

    Any Other Night was a nice novel, mostly due to the male narrator, one who throws in bits of humor even in the darkest moments Despite the fact that Any Other Night deals with very difficult topics, it never gets too depressing, and as the story progresses, it turns into a tale of hope for all parties involved.Ryan was an intere

  7. Katelyn (Tales of Books and Bands) Katelyn (Tales of Books and Bands) says:

    Originally reviewed as Loving Emily, the book s original title The review stands as is since none of the content inside the book changed This book was so amazingly fantastic that I am still working on picking my jaw up off the floor I have tried time and time again to come up with the perfect words to describe what I am feeling and all I

  8. Pretty in Fiction Pretty in Fiction says:

    Any Other Night by Anne Pfeffer is so muchthan a love story It s a story of first love, heartache, and guilt Ryan has been in love with Emily ever since he saw her dog giving her big, wet puppy smooches in front of the school while he was waiting for a ride As he says, I would trust a dog s judgement This girl had to be excellent Any Other Night, C

  9. A. Bookzilla. A. Bookzilla. says:

    What I really liked about this is how you have a character that is literally missing from the whole book still have such strong presence in it that you can t help but love him.It is very rare in YA that we get to read a whole book from hero s POV, and this is another thing that is amazing about this book.Ryan is such a sweetheart, a truly lovable, colorful c

  10. Annie Brewer Annie Brewer says:

    I wanted to love this book, I really did But I justdidn t That s not saying it was horrible, it just wasn t for me I couldn t connect to Ryan His voice did nothing for me I felt bad for the things he went through, but that was the extent of it I come across so many books that I just love and wanna live in their stories But this one, I started it, I put it down, I forg

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