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Behind the Laughter PDF/EPUB ¾ Behind the  PDF/EPUB Join Loose Women s Sherrie Hewson on her rollercoaster ride through the laughter, tears and tantrums of an extraordinary life lived on and off the screenSherrie Hewson is one of Britain s best loved telly stars From her dazzling performances in the Carry On films to Russ Abbott s Madhouse, to her favourite character Maureen Holdsworth in Coronation Street to the green hills of Emmerdale, Sherrie s warmth and good humour won her a place in the heart of the nation And now an adored presenter on Loose Women, which she joined eight years ago, Sherrie has become a friend and confidante to the millions who tune in for her naughty sense of fun, openness and quick witBut behind the laughter Sherrie has been hiding a secret heartache Afteryears of marriage, she is finally divorcing the man who cheated on her and squandered all her money, leaving her bankrupt, on the brink of an alcohol problem and suicidal It has taken her nine years to reach this point but Sherrie is now ready to share her story and it s one that at times seems fitting to a soap opera than real lifeFrom living in a brothel to being ditched at the altar, to living in fear of her stalker to nearly murdering her Corrie co star by accident, of course , to the on and off screen lovers, friends and foe, to struggling to conceive her much loved daughter,Sherrie a natural storyteller always manages to see the funny side and tells it like it is with warmth and a cheeky smileBrimming with brilliantly funny anecdotes and larger than life characters, Sherrie s story will delight, entertain and, above all, make you laugh

10 thoughts on “Behind the Laughter

  1. chucklesthescot chucklesthescot says:

    I am not a fan of Loose Women in fact I never watch the show, and that meant I had never heard the stories in the book that Sherrie shared with the viewers So I was reading everything new so to speak which is why I enjoyed the bookthan expected I only read this because I was interested in the actors and actresses from Coronation Street but I did like it.Sherrie really was the child from hell sticking knitting nee

  2. Ardos Ardos says:

    Good read and what a lifeI felt sorry for her because of the untrustworthy and low life husband she had, he used her and she let him

  3. Nikki Bywater Nikki Bywater says:

    Well known television actress Sherrie Hewson shares her life story in this well told and interesting auto biography Sherrie Hewson takes us behind the scenes of the many TV shows she has appeared in and a behind the scenes look at her personal life Right up to her appearances on the popular discussion show Loose Women.Although Sherrie Hewson has had a successful show business career in her personal life there as been

  4. Book Addict Shaun Book Addict Shaun says:

    I love Sherrie and reading this was like she was speaking to you I was shocked at some of the stuff she wrote about but I ve only ever known her Corrie character and then the stuff she s told us on Loose Women, so fans of Sherrie that have followed her for years might not be surprised by what she writes because it isn t new information to them But certainly an enjoyable read, one of the better Loose Women autobiographi

  5. Helen Helen says:

    Picked this book up yesterday and couldn t put it down Read it within a few hours Written wiith lots of humour even although Sherrie hasn t always had it easy by any means Had me laughing a lot of the time tho

  6. Louise Louise says:

    This was a quick easy read that I enjoyed Never really liked Sherrie however she came across well and has had an intresting life Would recomened

  7. Julie Julie says:

    I really enjoyed this book It changed my view quite a bit of Sherry realising what an intelligent and well liked woman she is I would recommend this book.

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