Kindle Edition ✓ Dark Diamonds Kindle ñ

Kindle Edition  ✓ Dark Diamonds Kindle ñ Special Agent Lucy Montgomery s twin brother is missing, an art thief is on the loose, and her hormones are on full tilt with the sudden appearance of Agent Kevin Garrett, her ex teammate, and the man she s nicknamed the Ice King Together they must to save her brother, and solve the case he was working when kidnapped This suspenseful romance is set in locales from New York to tropical ColombiaSpecial Agents Lucy Montgomery and Kevin Garrett are part of an underground law enforcement agency called FIUW Forced Intelligence of the United World, a privately funded anti terrorist organization Discovering that her brother was involved in a case involving art theft from International Museums, Lucy devises a scheme to get her brother back Things fall apart as they discover the thieves they are dealing with are much than they appearThe world is in a state of turmoil Several terrorist attacks have taken place No one feels safe Forced Intelligence of the United World FUIW a privately funded organization is designed to stop the terrorist attacks on the modern world The hunt is on as Lucy s brother is kidnapped Lucy teams up with the Alpha Unit and their steely eyed leader, Special Agent Kevin Garrett Forced to work with her long standing rival, Lucy must put her feelings aside in order to find her brother and bring down the terrorist supporters he was after Passions heat as the situation intensifies, and their lives hang in the balance

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