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Reading ➹ Gold Diggers  Author Tasmina Perry – Glamour, Intrigue, Lust And Betrayal Merge As New York Billionaire Adam Gold Moves To London He S Sexy, Single And About To Come Face To Face With The Gold Diggers Karin The Jet Setting Swimsuit Entrepreneur, Erin The Naive Country Girl Who Snares The Job As Adam S PA, Molly, A Fading Eighties Supermodel With An Expensive Drug Habit And Summer, Her Beautiful Daughter Who Will Succeed Where So Many Other Have Failed And What Will They Do To Get Him From Monte Carlo To Lake Como, St Moritz To St Barts, Gold Diggers Takes Us On A Heady Journey Through A World Of Sex, Murder And Betrayal.

10 thoughts on “Gold Diggers

  1. Sunflower Sunflower says:

    If you are looking for a plot you can shoot peas through, lots of expensive product placement , really poor proof reading, bad sex scenes, and one dimensional characters displaying unp

  2. Heather Heather says:

    I should ve known There were so many signs First, the title Second, it was free Third, the author s bio the first sentence Tasmina Perry left a career in law for the glamorous world of women s m

  3. Hannah Hannah says:

    wella book named after me deserved to be read P and i wasn t disappointed it had everything i wantedhot rich med men, yachts, monte carlo, sex, lust, greed, guilt, money, jealousy, stalkers and murders wh

  4. Tammy Tammy says:

    I really struggled with this book It seemed to take forever to read The ending left me scatching my head I just didn t get it.

  5. Michele Parra Michele Parra says:

    It is a chic lit book Take it for what it is I liked it I kept reading it It entertained me I didn t expect a prized novel.

  6. Sabrina Rutter Sabrina Rutter says:

    I only made it to page seven in this big book There s no way I m torturing myself darlings

  7. Laura Laura says:

    My new favorite, beach read author Tasmina Perry is my replacement for Jackie Collins.I was kept entertained and engrossed and enjoyed the escape this book gave me It s well worth the read if you like frivolous reads.

  8. Erin Erin says:

    There are four main characters, whose stories intertwine throughout the book Karen, Erin, Molly and Summer One of the things I found I most like when reading was that although the story is about these 4 women and how their lives cross, each of them have

  9. Best Crime Books & More Best Crime Books & More says:

    I have read Tasmina Perry s first book and before I give you the low down I need to explain about the Genre of this book It is a typical Bonkbuster which reminds me of the type of books Jackie Collins writes This style of book isn t everybody s cup of tea but for

  10. Sandra Sandra says:

    A good read Definitely a light trashy book, full of sex, drugs, power and women clawing their way to the top of society as a rich wife I couldn t stand Molly or Karin, and definitely felt a soft spot for Summer and Erin, which I m sure was the way that Tasmina Perry planned

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