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[ PDF ] ❤ Hopelessly Divided  Author Douglas E. Schoen – Submitalink.info I saw this book on the shelf in the library at work and had to pick it up First, because it s by Doug Schoen, who I ve seen many times commenting on politics on TV, so I know him to be knowledgeable and insightful, and second because of the title I just wrote a book Hillary Clinton s Village Why Big Government is Broken and How to Fix It , where political divisions was one of the major themes I explored I wish I had read Schoen s book while researching my own I would have referenced it several times to bolster my own arguments There s a lot to like here if you consider yourself a political junkie He is a pollster, but does not just beat you over the head with a barrage of dry numbers He provides the conclusions that he draws from the poll results an combines seemingly unrelated results in interesting ways It was written just prior to the 2012 election, but it still holds up very well very little of the material can be considered dated That s probably because the problems that Doug Schoen pointed out in 2012 are still with us today and they are still an existential threat to our democracy Chapter 12 was my favorite by far talking about the negative impact of Congressional redistricting Of particular interest, if you A must read to understand how dysfunctional our political system really is.. Just In Time For The 2012 Election, Douglas E Schoen, One Of America S Preeminent Political Pundits, Analyzes The Growing Chasm Between The Political Class Politicians, Lobbyists, Fundraisers, Consultants And The American Mainstream, Frustrated With Government S Inability To Address The Major Issues Affecting Their Lives This Gap Has Given Rise To Populist Movements On The Right And The Left And Driven Our Two Party System To The Brink Of Possible Collapse In Ways That Have Never Been Fully Discussed Or Articulated.

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