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[Download] ➸ Lessons in Truth  Author H. Emilie Cady – Submitalink.info Every Book In This Series Has Earned The Classic Status Due To Its Popularity, Durability, And Uncompromising Quality All Books In The Unity Classic Library Series Feature Hardcover Binding With Gold Engraving, Colorful Endpapers, Library Nameplate Page, Author Photograph, And Biography The Series Makes A Beautiful Display On A Library Shelf, And Each Book Is A Respected Addition To Any Metaphysical Collection.Cady Simplifies Metaphysics And Practical Christianity From The Perspective Of Her Personal Experiences.

10 thoughts on “Lessons in Truth

  1. ChaosInGa ChaosInGa says:

    I love and prefer books that challenge my way of thinking, esp about matters related to God and spiritually You may or may not choose to agree with Cady However, you are forced to AT LEAST think about why you believe what you believe and determine if it s all or in part worth reexamining.

  2. Faythe Swanson Faythe Swanson says:

    This book greatly enhanced my spiritual growth made me think about things a little deeper Reading this will make you think about what thoughts you have, the words you speak, what you believe why I think the last chapter of this book was the best

  3. Edythe Prince Edythe Prince says:

    If you are reading this book I recommend you listen to Lessons in Truth series on the Truth Transforms podcast by Rev Gaylon McDowell It starts around February 2013 and he discusses a chapter per show and does a great job Here is a link..http www.unity.fm episode TruthTran

  4. Mikalito Mikalito says:

    Very healing Embrace this book with an open heart and mind Once you understand some of the truths and ideas, you cannot go back to your old way of thinking Strengthened my awareness of my oneness with God One thing you must be seeking wisdom or fulfillment to understand this book If you are not ready, don t waste your time Keep the book on the ...

  5. Eileen Eileen says:

    First published in 1894, this book makes clear many of the important tenets of the New Thought movement of the late 1800s The author emphasizes the indwelling of the Spirit in each person, that God is All in all, and the hopeful possibilities for the future as people become aware of this reality She was influenced by other New Thought teachers of her time Emma Curtis Hopkins, Ralph Waldo Emerso

  6. Barb Barb says:

    Cady presents New Thought philosophy to increase our personal empowerment transforming our thoughts, words, and beliefs Although first published over 100 years ago the relevance today is clear, dispite the old language She e...

  7. Debra Debra says:

    the one book that changed my life.

  8. Elena Elena says:

    This book was my introduction to New Thought religion and philosophy Irreplaceable.

  9. Marsha Witt Marsha Witt says:

    This book is highly recommended.

  10. Maggy Maggy says:

    The first time I read this book back in 2000 I found it quite hard going and, as I was reading it as part of a study project I really read it to quickly But I was very drawn to some of the statements and views about faith and put a whole raft of Emilie s affirmations up on my bedroom wall I would read them to myself every morning.At the time I had just returned from a failed emigration to the USA and was working in a p

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