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[Download] ➻ Mafia Princess ➼ Deja King – Submitalink.info Semaj Richardson Was Raised By The Streets, And Her Ambition Was To Own Them Changing Foreign Whips As She Hustles One Major Drug Dealer After Another Is Just A Day In The Life With Her Treacherous Father As Her Partner In Crime The Devious Duo S Schemes Lead To Murder Plots And Countless Setups Unbeknownst To Semaj The Same Street Life She Relentlessly Chased Can Be What May Become Her Downfall When She Meets Drug Kingpin Quasim, Who Virtually Changes Her Sheisty Mindset Overnight, Her Dreams Become A Reality But Soon Her Dark Past Resurfaces, Bringing All The Havoc She Caused To The Forefront Will Semaj Ever Be Able To Escape Her Previous Life Or Will The Revelation Of Her Family History Pull Her Into A World That Can Ultimately Destroy Her

10 thoughts on “Mafia Princess

  1. Danita Brown Danita Brown says:

    Very good read I enjoyed this book 2 the fullest.


    In a world full of lies birthed Semaj.After losing her mother her father she has to do what it takes to survive With dreams of being a actress are just dreams she Makes a life out of robbing hustlers of they big bank she is living the life so she thi

  3. Mariposa75me.com Mariposa75me.com says:

    It s not that great Can there be a hood book with a consistent story line

  4. Mississippi_Magnolia Mississippi_Magnolia says:

    Typical urban black fiction book I have read other books, by the author, but I wasn t impressed with this one Not sure if I will complete the series.

  5. Elise Randall Elise Randall says:

    She has done it again This book kept me on the edge of my seat There were many surprises twists and turns and at other points not so much I was never sure of the death of Qasim it just seems to easy and I figured her father wasn t really dead I am immediately starting the next bo

  6. Latia Sanders Latia Sanders says:

    Crazyyyy The drama never ended from start to finish As bad as I wanted to dislike Semaj for her lifestyle, I couldn t help but to want her to win As far as Paris Semaj should have known to never trust her from the very beginning And why do I feel like Quasim is not dead Can t wait to start

  7. Umeki Umeki says:

    Good ReadSemaj went through so much seems like every time she finds happiness something happens Poor girl Is Murder Mitch dead OMG Poppa Gio I don t think Qua is dead I hope not because Vega is a snake Paris must be a car with 9 lives On to book 2 lol.

  8. The Literary Apothecary The Literary Apothecary says:

    Whoa King is indeed an urban literary powerhouse On to book 2

  9. Shalana Pace Shalana Pace says:

    This book was everything It was one of the books that light the fire in me to get back into reading a few years ago.

  10. Mary M. McClendon Mary M. McClendon says:

    If You Want MariaThis is mafia at its best Straight up gansta Too many twists and turns Some of it lacks reality I will be reading the next book.No Sweat

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