10 thoughts on “Paddington at the Palace

  1. Gerry Gerry says:

    In this adventure, Paddington goes along with his friend Mr Gruber to see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace They took the bus to get there, Paddington with his flag to wave in case he sees the Queen and Mr Gruber with his camera to catch any action.The walk through St James s Park having got off the bus and Paddington wants to pick some flowers for the Queen but Mr Gruber tells him that as it is a Royal Park it is not allowed to my shame I must confess to having played footbal In thi

  2. Veronika Veronika says:

    My favourite little bear

  3. Irene Palfy Irene Palfy says:

    In a few weeks from now I m going to London after reading this I might better pack a little flag on a stick in case I see the Queen..

  4. Fi& Fi& says:

    I think , he said, as he stood to attention while Mr Gruber took a photograph,this guard is so good he doesn t need changing Ha ha I think this quote is hilarious I really enjoyed this one Maybe a bit too short but good for very young children who just want to read something quick.

  5. Gemma Gemma says:

    I recently found this book for my sons, and with so many happy memories of Paddington Bear from my own childhood, when it came to reading it I was not disappointed My boys and I loved it A lovely, short, easy to understand, fun story full of beautiful illustrations Perfect for young children

  6. Simone Simone says:

    My granddaughter and I made flags after reading this Lovely little story.

  7. Neens Bea Neens Bea says:

    This guard is so good, he doesn t need changing Gotta love Paddington D

  8. Grace Taylor Grace Taylor says:

    Love Paddington bear always have love the stories nice and short.

  9. Kristiana Cankowa Kristiana Cankowa says:

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  10. Tiffany Spencer Tiffany Spencer says:

    Paddington at the PalacePlot Mr Gruber takes Paddington to Buckingham Palace to see the changing on the Guards But because there s a crowd of people he can t see But someone helps him out and gets his picture in the end Could it be the Queen My Thoughts I wondered what the significance was with the crosses in the window And was that a London thing.Rating 5

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