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!!> Reading ➳ Pleasure ➬ Author Nikki Gemmell – Submitalink.info An Almanac For The Heart THE BRIDE StRIPPED BARE Exposed Female Desire As No Other Book Had Raw, Intoxicating And Breathtakingly Libidinous Now PLEASURE Looks Set To Do The Same With Secret Women S Business Dealing Candidly With Everything From Brazilian Waxes To Secret Underwear, From Coping With Broken Hearts To What Makes A Perfect Partner A Checklist To Cut Out And Keep , From Advice On The Friends Who Flatten You Frenemies To The Importance Of Empathy Both Bold And Intimate, PLEASURE Is A Book Nikki Gemmell Says She Looked For As A Gift For A Cherished Friend And Never Found So She Decided To Write It Herself Encased In A Stunning Design Package With Beautiful Feminine Illustrations, This Is An Ideal Gift For Your Best Friend, Aunt, Sister Or Fairy Godmother

10 thoughts on “Pleasure

  1. Helen Helen says:

    Beautifully written in some parts yet strangely patronising in others The ideal husband checklist is surely hypocritical and far from ironic Otherwise this is an easy read that could be picked up and flicked through any time Maybe that s why it did feel a little too flippantly Cleo Cosmo at times.

  2. Kerrie Kerrie says:

    I read this many years ago and loved it I remember a sense of calm and softness and indulgence I don t remember exactly what was in it but I remember I enjoyed it immensely.

  3. Chevelle Chevelle says:

    Sometimes insightful, sometimes funny, sometimes inspiring, sometimes wrongIf I could tear off a few pages, it d be the perfect birthday gift for some of my closest girlfriends Some of the best bits of the book include the chapter on Frenemies with friends like these women, who needs enemies and bere

  4. Naomi Nolet Naomi Nolet says:

    This is a collection of quotes and little personal stories Some of them really resonated, some made me think, and some made me wonder how she could believe certain things Most of the emphasis is on love and sex, although she is ambivalent about the importance we should give them in real life A taster A

  5. Jude Jude says:

    Awesome witty truthful and fun, lots of amazing quotes and info for those domestically challenged, having affairs or just feeling scared about being a good lover as Marylin Monroe is quoted as saying.I don t know whether I di it right One quote for real is.that there s not a person alive who doesn t wan

  6. Sheridan Sheridan says:

    This book should be gifted to women by other women And enlightened men And to men by women And to men by other men This book is funny, empowering, motivational, and just reminds you that life is a wonderful smorgasbord full of sensation after sensationif you allow it to be I m gifting this to my bestie

  7. Raelene Raelene says:

    3.5 Would make a great 18th 21st or general gift for a dear friend Lots of great advice and musings If your familiar with NG s writings which I dearly love this felt a bit repetitive perhaps cherry picked from of previous works.

  8. Kolumbina Kolumbina says:

    Really well written book Laughed and enjoyed it very much Loved her act of kindness scrubbing the shower for a good girlfriend.It is a book for female readers and I would recommend it to younger women less than 40.

  9. Philippa Philippa says:

    A lovely and nourishing read Paved the way for the brilliant Honestly.

  10. Nelly Nelly says:

    Great funny book Pure entertainment, not to be taken too seriously

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