[[ PDF / Epub ]] ✅ Prisoner of War: The Story of White Boy Rick and the War on Drugs Auteur Vince Wade – Submitalink.info

[[ PDF / Epub ]] ✅ Prisoner of War: The Story of White Boy Rick and the War on Drugs Auteur Vince Wade – Submitalink.info The Astonishing But True Story Of White Boy Rick Wershe Is An Example Of Why The War On Drugs Has Been A Trillion Dollar Policy Failure For Nearly Half A CenturyThe Tale Of A Boy Recruited By The FBI At Age To Be A Paid Informant Against A Politically Connected Drug Gang Is So Amazing It Inspired A Hollywood Film Starring Matthew McConaughey As White Boy Rick S FatherPrisoner Of War Answers The Question What Kind Of Father Would Take FBI Cash To Let His Youngest Child Be An Undercover Operative In The Murderous Drug Underworld Rick Wershe, Jr Was A Street Savvy Detroit White Kid In A Dysfunctional Family His Mother Fled An Abusive Marriage, Leaving Her Children Behind Rick Raised Himself He Didn T Do Drugs, But He Knew Important People In The Narcotics Underworld The FBI Had Him Infiltrate A Powerful Black Drug Gang With City Hall Connections Rick Did A Good Job Too Good He Became A Key Witness In A Homicide It Involved Top Level Police Corruption Which Blocked The Investigation Of The Drug Gang S Killing Of A Little Boy White Boy Rick S FBI Work Caused Shock Waves That Went To The Very Top Of The Justice Department The FBI Abandoned Him And Local Narcs Snared Him In A Drug Case That Carried A Life Prison Sentence Rick Wershe, A Kid Recruit, Became A Prisoner Of War In The War On DrugsPrisoner Of War Is Based On Interviews With Rick Wershe, His Family, FBI Agents, Police Officials, Plus Reviews Of Court Records, Investigative Files And Congressional Testimony It ExploresThe Nation S Long, Losing Policy In The War On Drugs How CIA Pressure In A Detroit Drug Case Demonstrated Government Hypocrisy In The War On Drugs Blatantly False Prosecution Accusations And Felonious Police Testilying How The FBI Committed Crimes By Falsifying Their Files About White Boy Rick The Racist History Of The War On Drugs, Dating Back To The S How Black Activists Were The First To Demand A War On Drugs How The Cocaine Death Of Basketball Star Len Bias Led To Mass Incarceration For A Generation How The Justice Department Sometimes Refuses To Prosecute The Drug Corruption Of The Politically Powerful How Sloppy Reporting In Herd Journalism Influences Criminal JusticeOrder A Copy Of Prisoner Of War And Explore The Appalling Truth From The Trenches Of The War On Drugs

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