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[ Reading ] ➷ Real Witches' Craft Author Kate West – Submitalink.info A Follow Up To The Best Selling The Real Witches Handbook The Book Includes Practical Advice On Becoming A Wiccan And Teaches The Skills And Techniques Necessary For Celebrating This CraftThis Book Enables You To Take Your Magic On To The Next Level And Provides The Further Skills And Techniques For Powerful Magic Making It Provides The Sort Of Guidance And Development Usually Found In The First Year Of Coven LifeThe Real Witches Craft Moves On From The Simple Spells And Rituals Of The Real Witches Handbook To Advanced Magic, Teaching The Skills And Techniques Of Practising MagicThis Book Will Teach You How To Balance The Elements To Create Effective Magic Raise, Focus And Direct Magical Energy To Powerful Effect Strengthen The Five Senses In Order To Help Towards Developing The Th Sense Use Divination And Scrying Tarot, Runes, Fire, Etc Design Your Own Spells Use The Moon S Phases For Magic

10 thoughts on “Real Witches' Craft

  1. Sherry Sherry says:

    I bought this book for my daughter when she was in grade 4She wanted to become Wiccan, but didn t read the whole book, now I am loving it and thinking of converting my pool less back yard into a sacred circle Life takes you places

  2. E.B. Johnson E.B. Johnson says:

    Really enjoyed this book, especially the meditation and visualization work Worth a read forthan just Wiccans Great, positive information.

  3. Arancha Ch. Gonzalez Arancha Ch. Gonzalez says:

    Para el uso que lo he le do, es perfecto Explica con claridad y sencillez las bases de este tema para los ne fitos.

  4. Christine Powell Christine Powell says:

    I loved this book I do happen to enjoy Kate West s book anyway but this one has become one of my favorites It s not a Wiccan 101 book or a drain on the same odd ideas and techniques, it s a book overflowing with techniques to advance skills If you take the time to do the exercise in the book, this book can tru

  5. Conure Hermary Conure Hermary says:

    A pretty good book with excellent ideas on how to meditate, introduce yourself to the elements and how to go about writing in a witchy journal While not quite what I expected, it is a good book for the advanced student A book well worth the read

  6. Samantha Samantha says:

    This was an easy dip in and out book to read and truthfully I had it for many years before I actually sat down and read the whole thing I think I would have given this book a higher rating when I was younger, but now that I m a bitexperienced in my path I find myself a bitcritical Let s start with the good things Ca

  7. Kelley Midgett Kelley Midgett says:

    Used the word Whilst in almost every other sentence Very annoying Seems as though she was writing from a mish mash of different sources she neglected to cite Most of what she was writing was nonsense and she totally ignored very important Wiccan and the Craft tenents like the Wiccan Rede She quoted it several times thr

  8. Ariel Pritchard Ariel Pritchard says:

    I picked up this book as a teenager, and while it is full of practices and information useful to a new person on the path, it is one of the books which use Witchcraft and Wicca interchangeably, and much of it will only resonate with those who identify as a Wiccan.

  9. Cinty Herrejon Cinty Herrejon says:


  10. Megan Kell Megan Kell says:

    Good informationVery informative Really good and explaining things and making it easy to read Enjoyed it very much Recommend for me who are starting out.

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