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[Ebook] ↠ Satisfy My Thirsty Soul  Author Linda Dillow – Submitalink.info Women Have An Innate Thirst For True, Genuine Intimacy Author Linda Dillow Believes That This Desire Is Created And Can Only Be Satisfied By A Relationship With God This 12 Week Devotional Bible Study Encourages You To Move From Concept Into Practice And Establish A Lifestyle Of Worship Find Rest And Freedom From Stress And Grief In God S Forgiveness Includes Discussion Questions.

10 thoughts on “Satisfy My Thirsty Soul

  1. Lauren Henderson Lauren Henderson says:

    This book This book It is amazing It turned me into a Linda Dillow fan For all of you women who enjoy Bible Study self help books, this is extremely thought provoking at times not what you want to be asked, but what you need to answer So great This book is about finding your fulfillment in God I read it at a time when I desperately needed

  2. Carrie Carrie says:

    We used this book for a bible study discussion group that meets pretty regularly Throughout the book Linda uses many scriptural references and life experiences from a variety of people to support her points and help the reader grasp concepts I thought this made it an easier read and helped me relate to what she was saying That said, some concepts o

  3. Allison Ball Allison Ball says:

    Are you looking for a deeper connection with God Are you wondering when this personal relationship is going to start feeling like a real relationship Maybe going to church every Sunday morning and reading your bible daily aren t enough any Maybe even your daily prayers are beginning to seem a bit redundant and seeming not to reach past the ceiling If this so

  4. Ashlee Ashlee says:

    My Sunday School class is studying this one And when i read the beginning I thought i would hate it Her thoughts on God are not necessarily mine she describes a level of intimacy that I do not associate with a being that i consider a father figure great great grandfather really All that to say if you have that level of intimacy it won t bother you at all and you will

  5. Joy Joy says:

    A beautiful book on worship, soul stirring and biblical Worship is so muchthan just singing a few songs on Sunday morning, it is a lifestyle of bowing our words, circumstances, hopes and dreams, and very life to the Almighty Life changing, one I will return to again and again.

  6. Julie Julie says:

    I will read digest thislater I cannot stop thinking about all the wisdom and truth here, and want to go back through the study as well This is a lifestyle book

  7. Faith Faith says:

    3 starsUsually I m all about Linda and I LOVED Intimate Issues, Passion Pursuit, and my all time fave Calm My Anxious Heart, but this was so lacking for me Something that bothers me is that Linda puts words in the mouths thoughts in the heads of biblical characters with almost no context for it and she passes it off as truth Exampleshe says Abraham believes in resurrection of his son Isaac and tha

  8. Joyce Joyce says:

    Done during a women s study The only problem was some weeks we had to do two chapters with the exercises questions I recommend doing one chapter a week.

  9. Jodi Jodi says:

    A very satisfying read and I believe I got so muchout of it because I read it with some wonderful ladies in a Bible study group It was so nice to connect with them and discuss each chapter weekly for 12 weeks I did not necessarily make every change in the book, but I definitely grew over the three months we met to cover this book Of course, I still need to growbut I can see where I made progress I loved the book of J

  10. Charlesia Charlesia says:

    Chapter 1My desire to serve God was good, buy my priorities were out of order God s Word clearly says that the first and most important thing is this to love God with all of our being Matthew 22 37 38 This is the first and greatest commandment The second commandment is loving others, which includes ministry or works of service Matthew 22 39 I had reversed these two commandments It s so important to be able to say, I m not prim

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