Speed Lust and A Second Chance MOBI è and A Kindle

Speed Lust and A Second Chance MOBI è and A  Kindle Siren Classic Erotic Contemporary Romance After Kyle Farrell, a Texas bull riding champion turned racing pilot, crashes his Grand Prix racing plane designed by Abbie Portland, his life falls apart However, when Abbie returns to his life with encouragement and support, he considers climbing back into a modified version of her new prototype in order to save her reputation and regain his own self esteem Reforming their business partnership was one thing bonding their romantic relationship, another Kyle has developed nightmares of crashing, and the only thing to calm him is sex at night something Abbie has no problems with since she has a massive interest in proving her design works And who was she to turn down sex with one of the hottest rodeo stars in America Their reputations can only be saved by Kyle entering the next race and winning with her new modified racing plane A Siren Erotic Romance

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