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[ Download ] ✤ Spellship (The Magitech Chronicles #3)  Author Chris  Fox – Submitalink.info The Last Dragonflight Holds The Key To Survival Voria, Aran, And Nara Survived Their Trip Into The Umbral Depths They Retrieved The Talon, And Are Now Searching For The First Spellship, The Key To Victory In Their War Against The Krox Their Search Leads Them To Virkonna, The Home Of The Last Dragonflight, A World Where Dragons Still Rule The World Where Aran Was Born Aran S Past Finally Catches Up With Him, And He Is Forced To Answer For Killing Khalahk The Wyrms Demand He Undergo A March Of Honor, A Brutal Trek That Few Survive Nara Must Not Only Accept Aran S Fate, But Use It As A Distraction To Locate The First Spellship Voria Must Forge An Alliance With The Ancient And Arrogant Wyrms Of The Last Dragonflight, Before The Krox Do It First If Even One Of Them Fail, Krox Will Rise And The Sector Is Doomed Even Success Will Carry A Heavy Price

10 thoughts on “Spellship (The Magitech Chronicles #3)

  1. Kenneth Kenneth says:

    Another 5 stars I have realized that I love fast paced, action packed high fantasy novels.Spellship did not disappoint I love the build up, introduction of new characters and how the plot unravels I however think there was a bit of inconsistency In the prologue from the Void Anthalogy book, Aran was able to send a message to Wyrm Mother Olyssa telling her about the death of Wyrm Father Rolf and the secret knowledge that the killer tr

  2. Jason Jason says:

    Spellship is the 3rd in the Magitech Chronicles, a series that sees Magic combined with Technology, and Dragons Void Wyrms , all battling for supremacy of the galaxy.The basic premise is that an ancient God Krox is trying to rise again, and if he does, he will bring death and destruction with him Major Voira is the Captain of a starship who has carried out many missions, several at the behest of The Tender of the Shayan people, herself

  3. Deluca Deluca says:

    Right This was odd I loved the Ifrit character, and all of the the frankly horrifyingly large roster of characters in this one and making a come back If you read the first two books you will know who I mean but you have committed the cardinal sin of writing, you have show horned in a romance Now I am not saying that it is out of pl...

  4. Kevin Potter Kevin Potter says:

    Brilliant story As with the second book, this one is well written with an impressive story and some awesome character development.I really enjoyed the further delving into Aaron s background as well as the culture on his home planet.I m still a little annoyed by the DD eske way spells are referred to, but otherwise this universe and these characters continue to grow interesting.At this point, the only other negative mark is how short the boo

  5. Gisele Thomson Gisele Thomson says:

    Love the story Waiting impatiently for the next installment Action packed Great pacing Good use of conflict and yension A lot of big trouble A few surprises Unexpected twists at the end to further com...

  6. Hanzel Hanzel says:

    In one seating again, I am almost done with my reading challenge or almost three fouths done, this series is addictive Ok so what happened but the excitement and energy seem to have tapered off, same story getting better, we learn some ...

  7. Frank Geimer Frank Geimer says:

    This story just keeps getting better I can t believe how wrapped up in a space opera one could get until now I haven t been able to put this series down since I started it The intrigue and plots keep your blood pressure up as you become part of it all If you ...

  8. Brian Turner Brian Turner says:

    Things are really picking up for Voria and her crew as they have to visit a whole planet full of dragons.As usual, Nebiat and her draconic kin are plotting in the background.There s a lot action in this book with battles bein...

  9. Brian Anderson Brian Anderson says:

    This is the 3rd great book by a very, very talented author The characters come to life and you can see, feel and smell what they do This is probably the best of the three The story just gets better and better It s a classic fantasy with magic, dragons and spaceships I highly recom...

  10. Hans P Melius Hans P Melius says:

    More Dragons and Magic Awesome Great series and another great book Definitely enjoying the character development and the new twists the author throws into the mix Worth the read.

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