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[[ BOOKS ]] ✮ That Whereby Men Live Author Leo Tolstoy – Submitalink.info Nsan Ne Le Ya Ar Nl D N R Ve Yazar Tolstoy Un Okuyucunun Manevi D Nyas Na Hitap Eden Hik Yelerinden Olu An En Nemli Eserlerinden Biridir Kitaba Ismini Veren Hik Yede, Fakir Bir Ayakkab C Ustas Olan Simon Taraf Ndan Kurtar Lan Michael, U Temel Sorular N Cevab N Bulmaya Al R Nsana Y N Veren Ey Nedir, Insana Ne Verilmemi Tir, Insan Ne Ile Ya Ar Kitapta Yer Alan K Sa Hik Yelerde Tolstoy, Insan Do As Ndaki Iyilik Ve K T L , Bencillikle Ve Payla Mc L Inceleyerek, Okuyucuya Ibretlik Dersler Verir

10 thoughts on “That Whereby Men Live

  1. Ibrahim Ibrahim says:

    I was almost at the stage of crying around the end of the book Tolstoy s spiritual teaching of the reader is a special process I felt the power of fiction which teaches and explains the divine truth to the humans This is the power of Tolstoy, this is the power of books, this is the power of spirit.

  2. Onur Onur says:

    A good book from Tolstoy upon human and love, I like Tolstoy

  3. Mehmed Gokcel Mehmed Gokcel says:

    I have now understood that though it seems to men that they live by care for themselves, in truth it is love alone by which they live He who has love, is in God, and God is in him, for God is love.

  4. Drilona Drilona says:

    A sweet story about what makes us human I have learnt that all men live not by care for themselves but by love It was not given to the mother to know what her children needed fortheir life Nor was it given to the rich man to know what he himselfneeded Nor is it given to any man to know whether, when eveningcomes, he will need boots for his body or slippers for his corpse.I understood that God does not

  5. Dianna Dianna says:

    2.5 stars It was little too preachy for my tastes.

  6. P P says:

    Another gem by a brilliant man I listened to an audiobook version obtained from Hoopla At first I was a little skeptical of the narrator, but by the end, the story was so moving this was easily overcome.

  7. Dimitris Dimitris says:

    I loved this touching little morality tale so much Perfect Greek translation edition too.

  8. Trevor Durham Trevor Durham says:

    The most moving parable I have ever read.

  9. Sarah Sarah says:

    A brilliant little story

  10. Stone Sliminess Stone Sliminess says:

    Well boys, what s better short Tolstoy or long Tolstoy

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