The Complete Cats in the Sun ePUB Õ Complete Cats in

The Complete Cats in the Sun ePUB Õ Complete Cats in The finest pictures ever taken of cats, says The Atlantic Monthly of Hans Silvester s photographs of Greek cats languorously stretched along whitewashed walls and sun drenched pathways The Complete Cats in the Sun is the essential Hans Silvester together in one book are all the free spirited felines from the enormously popular Cats in the Sun, Asleep in the Sun, and The Mediterranean Cat This is a beautiful one volume collection of those memorable cats leaping from one fishing boat to the next, prowling across the rounded azure rooftops in search of the perfect place for a quick nap in the sun, or slinking through the cool shadows of a Mediterranean afternoon The Complete Cats in the Sun is destined to become the classic gift book for lovers of felines, the sun, and the magic that is the Grecian Isles

10 thoughts on “The Complete Cats in the Sun

  1. Hana Hana says:

    Cat lovers, rejoice Photographer Hans Silvester spent eight years among the half wild cats of the Greek islands and over 400 of his glorious photos are reproduced here The cats also reproduce in large numbers.Silvester clearly loves both the cats and their azure islands But this magnificent book is not a documentary The images in this book evoke the idea of a rare

  2. Martha Martha says:

    Great photos of both cats and the Greek Isles, some up close in obscure little nooks, with a few truly stunning vistas These are all stray cats, so be prepared for photos like a cat clutching a fish head, or a series of a cat tossing around a mouse It s reasonably priced for such a big photo book my copy says 29.95, but it s about 10 years old, I d guess , but it s an

  3. Elisabeth Elisabeth says:

    I think I am not a cat person, but I ve rarely met a cat I don t like This book is so cool to look at Street cats in a very freindly environment It s fascinating and the colors are beautiful I have my own photo I took in Lesvos Greece in a fishing village with 36 38 cats sitting by the docks as the evening boats are coming in They patiently wait for the scraps to come thei

  4. Kelly Kelly says:

    Wonderful, albeit disturbing, photos of the cat population and problem in Greece.

  5. April April says:

    Loved it1 Beautiful photographs

  6. Cedric Cedric says:

    BEST cat photo book I ve ever come across and I collect cat books

  7. Karen Karen says:

    Love this Took me back to small Greek villages and, of course, all those cats.

  8. Pat Pat says:

    A gorgeous coffee table book.

  9. Monica Monica says:

    Cute cute cute And Greece ain t a bad lookin site for photographs either.

  10. Céline FrenchAlps Céline FrenchAlps says:

    Great book full of beautiful pictures, some of them are really funny too

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