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!!> Download ➺ The Crown of the Usurper ✤ Author Gav Thorpe – Submitalink.info The Stunning Conclusion To The Crown Of The Blood TrilogyUllsaard Rules The Known World All Are Subject To His WillYet Even As Another King Bows Before Him, There Are Those Who Would Wrench His Empire From Beneath Him He Must Risk Losing The Lands He Has Conquered To Confront A Foe Far Powerful Than Any He Has Faced BeforeAs Alliances Shift And Old Enemies Return, Will He Save The Empire He Has Given His Life To, Or Let It Fall To Ruin File Under Epic Fantasy A Time To Decide Field Of Honour Grandstanding Demons And Kings

10 thoughts on “The Crown of the Usurper

  1. Kaora Kaora says:

    Any book that has this as a quote is not going to go over well with meCome sisters, we should leave our menfolk to talk of this grim matter without our tears to distract them I ve complained about it in the last two books and I d rather not go through it all again here, but lets just say the women are pretty weak, although one finally actually took some action in this book And I m not talking about the action that frequents the other two books that involves them laying on the

  2. Kate Sherrod Kate Sherrod says:

    It doesn t happen often enough that the culmination of a series makes you want even need to read the whole series all over again, not just because the series is good, but because you realize you were completely misreading it from the beginning and need to see what was really going on, and are glad about this, because it s pretty clear that the real story is every bit as awesome as the wrong one you ve been enjoying I think the only other time this has happened to me was the fir

  3. Arizona Spartan Arizona Spartan says:

    A little bit of a weak ending, it could have beenpowerful and had a better sense of finality for the series Still the book was good and worth reading to finish the series.

  4. Henry Henry says:

    Best ending to the series I think Gav suffers from poor editing in this book Black Library seem to produce better edited books, but that is probably because they are a bigger publisher than Angry Robot If the editing had been better, the series would have benefitted and been a better series overall, however, I think Thorpe did the best job he could.

  5. Liviu Liviu says:

    Another trilogy ending that delivers what was expected muscular prose, battles and powerful characters make up for the essential straight up nature of the story which lacks the twists and turns of the first two volumes

  6. Guy Haley Guy Haley says:

    I was lucky enough to do a copy edit on this, so read it very early A fantastic end to one of the most original fantasies I ve read for some time.

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