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[Read] ➭ The Dark Heart of Italy ➵ Tobias Jones – Submitalink.info In Tobias Jones Immigrated To Italy, Expecting To Discover The Pastoral Bliss Described By Centuries Of Foreign Visitors Instead, He Found A Very Different Country One Besieged By Unfathomable Terrorism And Deep Seated Paranoia The Dark Heart Of Italy Is Jones S Account Of His Four Year Voyage Across The Italian PeninsulaJones Writes Not Just About Italy S Art, Climate, And Cuisine But Also About The Much Livelier And Stranger Sides Of The Bel Paese The Language, Soccer, Catholicism, Cinema, Television, And Terrorism Why, He Wonders, Does The Parliament Need A Slaughter Commission Why Do Bombs Still Explode Every Time Politics Start Getting Serious Why Does Everyone Urge Him To Go Home As Soon As Possible, Saying That Italy Is A Brothel Most Of All, Why Does One Man, Silvio Berlusconi In The Words Of A Famous Song Appear To Own Everything From Padre Nostro Our Father To Cosa Nostra The Mafia The Italy That Emerges From Jones S Travels Is A Country Scarred By Civil Wars And Illustrious Corpses A Country That Is Proudly Visual Rather Than Verbal, Based On Aesthetics Rather Than Ethics A Country Where Crime Is Hardly Ever Followed By Punishment A Place Of Incredible Illusionism, Where It Is Impossible To Distinguish Fantasy From Reality And Fact From Fiction

10 thoughts on “The Dark Heart of Italy

  1. Caroline Caroline says:

    Murder, bombings, money laundering, fraud, conspiracies, monopolies, Fascism, Communism, the mafia, wealth, and an endless diet of prurient television This was Italian politics under Berlusconi in a nutshell This book prizes open the nutshell and gives us all the gory details.It also gives us fascinating insights into Italian culture generally, and is for the most

  2. Lorenzo Berardi Lorenzo Berardi says:

    What s the problem with the Italian football Why decent and smart British authors like, say, Nick Hornby, Tim Parks and John Foot were are so fascinated by that unimportant part of our culture Where is the romanticism in contemporary Italian football, I wonder Where is the fair play, the chivalry, the grit For Tobias Jones has been deceived too.Let s put ourselves in his f

  3. Rob Rob says:

    If you want to understand modern Italy, in all her shame and glory, this is as good as any place to start At first, while I enjoyed this book, I found it rather annoying Yes Italy and Italians are differentfrom Anglo SaxonsPop someone from one culture into another and of course, they will they think it is weird It is when Tobias Jones tries to get to the nitty gritty of why, for in

  4. Al Bità Al Bità says:

    Being one of the first generation Italian orprecisely, Sicilian Australians, Italy has always intrigued me as the place of origin of both my parents who came over between the wars I grew upwith a Sicilian bias, but soon discovered that Italy with its stunningly beautiful landscapes, its language, cuisine, culture, art, architecture and music have a formidable reputation is the culture of th

  5. Louise Louise says:

    Chapters on sports, religion, politics, politics again and a half chapter on funeral customs dig beneath Italy s engaging culture While the book shows the Italy the tourist doesn t see, the title does not fully represent the book Tobias Jones also shows how much he loves and appreciates the beautiful country and the Italian people.The first chapter sets the mood Through Italian etymology Jones, demo

  6. Wayne Wayne says:

    Easy reading overview of contemporary Italian politics with a bit of culture thrown in It sjournalistic than literary, and parses politicsthan a casual reader might hope for, but Jones leaves some wonderful passages scattered throughout to keep one going And the book s now newly relevant with the recent re election of Berlusconi if your first and final response to news accounts of Italian politics is what th

  7. Kathleen Jones Kathleen Jones says:

    Stendhal wrote that the feeling one gets from living in Italy is akin to that of being in love I know what he means, and so does Tobias Jones no relation I read this book to try to understand otherwise incomprehensible Italian politics the Berlusconi phenomenon in particular and I wasn t disappointed After a couple of weeks of reading and re reading, I can t get my hair to lie down The book didn t tell me anything I

  8. Karlan Karlan says:

    In a readable style, Jones discusses Italy and Italians He even manages to make the political situation clearer Anyone would enjoy this book who is the least bit interested in Italy.

  9. Brendan Monroe Brendan Monroe says:

    I had been wanting to read this since arriving in Italy and one year later I finally got around to it Tobias Jones provides a fascinating account of life in il Bel Pease without bothering to conceal the nastier bits rather, he focuses on them The good Certain things I knew but wasn t sure why i.e Berlusconi bad and this book provided me with the why Jones also writes in a very readable style and on several topics football, politics, t

  10. Eilymay Eilymay says:

    Really enjoyed this book I m a tad obsessed with all things relating to Italy and so this was really the book for me I liked it because it gave a different perspective on Italy one that you don t normally read aboutof a glimpse into the truth of Italy However, it loses a star because while reading it I couldn t help but think it was a tad outdated I kept thinking what impact has X had on Italy and whether the portrayal of Italy in the book is

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