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➶ The Mighty Roman Free ➬ Author Jon Sindell – Submitalink.info The Mighty Roman Is A Funny, Fast Paced, Thought Provoking Novel About Baseball And The Modern American Man A Contemporary Mutiny On The Bounty With Baseball Bats And Pranks The Story Centers On The Relationship Between Old School Minor League Manager Roman Meister, A Macho Behemoth Appalled By The Changes In His Country, And The Team Captain, An Elfin Free Spirit Who Flows Easily Among His Multicultural Teammates And Takes On Roman When Push Comes To Shove Is Roman Mighty Was Gatsby Great

10 thoughts on “The Mighty Roman

  1. Jeffrey Trott Jeffrey Trott says:

    In Jon Sindell s novel The Mighty Roman , baseball is muchthan just a sport It s a stage that spotlights the challenges between one generation and the next It exposes who we are as individuals as well as who we are as a society Through baseball, we can see the reflection of human behavior, good and bad Sindell writes a compelling and h

  2. Thomas Thomas says:

    I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads This is a fun, fast, funny read with some great laugh out loud sections I m not a huge baseball fan, but I really enjoyed the baseball action I enjoyed this book so muchthan The Art of Fielding and on par with Calico Joe Anyway if you like baseball stories, you re gonna love thi

  3. Steven Steven says:

    Jon Sindell s The Mighty Roman is a great baseball yarn It tells the story of a young man s pursuit of the all American dream of putting your foot on the lowest rung of the professional baseball ladder and trying to find a way to ascend that magical stairway to The Show And it lovingly tells the bitter sweet story of what it feels like t

  4. Agnes Gawne Agnes Gawne says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book The language of the book was the best part for me, it was often like poetry I have to admit that I did not like the main character, Roman, he is evil and at times made me want to throw the book at something However, the other characters are so likable and the prose was so good to read that I kept going p

  5. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    I won this book through the first reads giveaways This book waslike 3.5 stars for me It s a great baseball yarn that includes a little love, father son relationships and hot button political issues including gay rights and illegal immigration I really liked all the stuff that wasn t really about baseball I loved the narrator Matt Marola an

  6. Christina Christina says:

    A very fun read Great character development and really just an enjoyable page turner Very engaging and believable characters and a glimpse into the best and the worst that make up sports It was as if Holden Caulfield was speaking through the narrarator and he himself played minor league baseball I d recommend this book to anyone that enjoys

  7. Brigette Streeper Brigette Streeper says:

    This book is so muchthan baseball It is the collection of people dealing with cultural issues of sexual preference and illegal immigration It definitely appeals to those coming of age At times the book is poetic and beautiful, and frustrating all at the same time in a good wayI hope this book gets the coverage it deserves I am thankful I won

  8. Tracy Reilly Tracy Reilly says:

    This book was a pleasure to read, and you don t need to be a baseball expert to enjoy the interplay between characters It has the added attraction of presenting the good vibes, in a realistic, non saccharine form, that are created from being on a team the bonds that are created Jon also has a great sense of humor, adding to the enjoyment high

  9. Jon Sindell Jon Sindell says:

    I won t review my own book, but I will say that if you re looking for a fast, funny, thought provoking novel about baseball and the modern American man and who isn t , you ve come to the right place

  10. Danielle Joy Danielle Joy says:

    I received this as a first reads and I absolutely loved it It s a must read.

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