10 thoughts on “The Million-Dollar Bloodhunt

  1. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    There s a bounty on the head of bloodthirsty bandit Pachuco and the Man With No Name aims to collect But how will he collect the bounty when Pachuco s in a territorial prison When I found out there were tie in books featuring the Man With No Name of the Leone trilogy,

  2. Tamsin Parker Tamsin Parker says:

    So Manco teams up with Professor Samson Garff, a Lee Van Cleef aeronaut, to catch the escaped convict Pachuco so that he can lead them to the gold he claimed to hide in the mountains.Meanwhile, the outlaw Froggy Benson is on the run, and is granted a medicine shirt from the Mes

  3. Druss Druss says:

    Good read Man with no name continues

  4. Randy Randy says:

    An original novel based on the Clint Eastwood character from the sixties western movies.

  5. Alan Alan says:

    In my teens I read quite a few Spaghetti Westerns.The influence was my Dad who use to watch the films.

  6. Charles Charles says:

    Another of the new advenures of the Man With No Name Not great, but enjoyable.

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