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[BOOKS] ✮ The Quaint Christmas (Cornelius Quaint Chronicles) ✰ Darren Craske – Submitalink.info A Superbly Festive Short Story Part Of The Thrilling Cornelius Quaint ChroniclesIt Is Christmas Eve And Cornelius Quaint Arrives At A Tavern In A Most Contemptible Part Of Victorian London His Mission To Procure A Christmas Feast For His Travelling Circus, Armed With Nothing But A Penny, His Eskimo Valet Butter, And His Own Dazzlingly Brilliant Mind Can Quaint Pull Off His Con, Or Will He And Butter Find Themselves Strung Up By Their Gizzards Before The Night Is Through

10 thoughts on “The Quaint Christmas (Cornelius Quaint Chronicles)

  1. John Hackett John Hackett says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Review of The Quaint Christmas CORNELIUS QUAINT CHRONICLES, BOOK 5 Author Darren Craske Entry is on Kobo books

  2. Rachel Cotterill Rachel Cotterill says:

    Although perfectly readable, this short story was really disappointing Quaint is described as a witty and cunning man, and he sets out to con his way to some birds for Christmas dinner but no detail

  3. Anthony E Steele Anthony E Steele says:

    A good introduction into the world of Cornelius Quaint I discovered that this short story falls chronologically before The Equivoque Principal so I read it first The style of writing is playful and easy going

  4. Elaine White Elaine White says:

    This was great I always love when a series has little short story snippets like this They enhance the story and let me keep reading about the characters I love while waiting for the next book to come out.

  5. Jannockj Jannockj says:

    I thought this book was super fun Part con artist, part Sherlock Holmes I bought the first book of the series on the back of this.

  6. Booyaa Booyaa says:

    nice short romp into the world of cornelian Quaint looking forwards to seeing the adventures he has

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