The Rough Guide to the Royals Kindle ï Guide to

The Rough Guide to the Royals Kindle ï Guide to Britain s royals are the official face of the state and the center of a worldwide media circusThis entertaining Rough Guide to the Royals explores the paradox of one of the world s oldest monarchies It casts a quizzical eye over the current royal family, from former Olympic horse rider Anne and industry ambassador Andrew to current favorites William and Kate It answers such burning questions as what they do, where they get their money from, how fundamentally British are they, and just who is twelfth in the line to the throne One year old Savannah Phillips is the answer This book looks at the most extravagant royal ceremonies and the most controversial figures, from wife murderer Henry VIII to the scandalous Caroline of Brunswick who was banned from her husband s coronation but turned up anyway The best and the worst monarchs are reassessed, with investigations into how the likes of alleged nephew killer and hunchback Richard III achieved their villainous reputations The image of the monarchy is also examined whether it s in commemorative ceramics, respectful movies such as The King s Speech, or critical fare

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  1. January January says:

    I know, it is sad And they even talk about it in the book, American fascinations with British royalty I am really interested in royal families in general, but I was specifically looking for post Victorian England I think it was Downton influenced this time ps As far as nonfiction books go, this series was well don

  2. ReadingWench ReadingWench says:

    Interesting tidbits on the Royal family, present and past.

  3. Butterflycager Butterflycager says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book I learned a lot.

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