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Hardcover  ↠ The Scallywags PDF ñ The Scallywags are a pack of wolves When they aren t being lazy and shiftless, they spend the day jumping around and clowning around and getting into all kinds of mischief They make a lot of noise and throw their food around and make general nuisances of themselves They annoy all the other animals and show the entire world that they simply don t know how to behave But after one particularly rowdy episode, the Scallywags learn that if being rowdy means losing your friends, maybe it s time to start practicing some manners Very funny color illustrations on every page

10 thoughts on “The Scallywags

  1. Hayat Hayat says:

    My daughter challenged me to read this funny children s story and it turns out, she was right I loved the naughty scallywags.

  2. Linda Lipko Linda Lipko says:

    Meet the scallywags they are a might stinky, loud, obnoxious, uncouth band of wolves who seem to ruin a good time wherever they go.Weary of their shananigans, the other forest animals vow to avoid them No longer invited to play time, dinner or any time when the animals are together, the scallywags try to change their wicked ways Modeling the others, they tak

  3. Kwilliamson Kwilliamson says:

    A cute story about good manners and friends The Scallywags are a family of wolves and they are always causing trouble The last straw is when the wolves ruin the animals group picture The animals decide to stop inviting the wolves to their meals, playtimes, and storytimes At first, the wolves don t mind but then they start missing their friends They decide to

  4. J-Lynn Van Pelt J-Lynn Van Pelt says:

    This is a really fun book about how the wolves don t fit in with the rest of the civilized animal society The story has a strong non conformist message because when the wolves try to change, they are eventually accepted for who they are.The illustrations are vibrant, goofy cartoons Full, two page spreads are filled with funny details that readers young and old

  5. Catherine Johnson Catherine Johnson says:

    Giraffe The scalliwags are a bit like those monkeys Don t tell the monkeys, but I like the scalliwags.Elephant Pish, Posh, I bet you d climb that tree if you saw one The Scalliwags should have behaved better for the photographer I don t like smelly, naughty animals.Giraffe This story is a lot of fun and we like fun don t we Elephant Well, yes we do They had fun

  6. Molly Molly says:

    I read this to my nephew this morning and we both enjoyed reading in different voices and looking at the illustrations I am pretty sure this book is one of his favorites.

  7. Dana Lovell Dana Lovell says:

    Teaches children to be themselves

  8. Anne-Marie Anne-Marie says:

    The Scallywags are fourteen wolves who try very hard, but haven t got very good manners The other animals stop asking them to join in so the Scallywags have to do something about it.They spy on all the animals and try to replicate what they observe Before long most of the wolves knew what to do with a handkerchief, a toothbrush, and a comb And some of them could d

  9. Elizabeth Sherry Elizabeth Sherry says:

    This book would be a great book to read aloud to 1st through 3rd grade students On some pages there is a good amount of text and a lot of dialogue so I do not think that children younger than this age could follow the story The text in the book has a playful vibe it curves up and down, and certain words are written larger than the rest of the sentence to show empha

  10. Maria Thermann Maria Thermann says:

    David Melling s illustrations are delightful, but I feel this picture book is being let down by the text and message the book tries to convey Poor choice of words often not appropriate for the age range this book aims at and an overall lack of understanding that children don t get abstract concepts until they are much older turn this book into a non starter as far a

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