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The Stepmothers' Support Group Epub Ï The You can t choose your family but you can choose your friends A heartfelt, warm and truthful novel about female friendship Eve has never imagined herself as a stepmother But when she falls in love with Ian, he comes with a ready made family of three children And, to make matters worse, he s a widower The ghost of his glamorous and well known wife haunts them Clare, a teacher and single mother, is Eve s best friend She is the only person Eve can talk to about how on earth a journalist in her thirties can win round three wary children But despite Clare s years of practice with her own teenage daughter, it s Lily, her younger sister, who provides the truly sympathetic ear Mel is sent along to Eve s so called support group by a colleague With a fledgling relationship and a new business to get off the ground, she has a very different set of pressures to the other women And Mandy is the stay at home mum, whose relationship comes with stepchildren, and who wants than anything to stitch together a happy family life for herself, her kids and her new step kids As a cup of coffee turns to a bottle of wine and the get togethers become a regular fixture, conversations about new families evolve into ones about relationships, life and each woman s deepest hopes and dreams But the friendship is tested and feelings about lovers, husbands and step children challenged when the five women are forced to confront new futures as well as unwelcome figures from the past

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  1. Leanne Riley Leanne Riley says:

    what can I say In all honestly I picked this book up because the blurb said it was like The First Wives Club. no it s not, its nothing like it and I loved that book one of my favs This book however is. blahh.I thought the story was slow, although there are a few characters I found it was mainly based round just one character and her best friend, you barely touch the surface of the other women and they seem 2 dimensional I really wanted to like this I read to the end but it s not a what can I say In

  2. Chloe Chloe says:

    Eve has never imagined herself as a Step mother, but that s exactly what she becomes when she falls in love with widow Ian He comes complete with 3 children, and it s Eve s worst nightmare not to mention the fact that the ghost of his wife is hanging over Eve s every move Her best friend Clare is having problems of her own with her teenage daughter Lou, but she still wants to be there for Clare Lily is Clare s younger sister and also in love with someone who has a child, but Lily isn t too a Eve has never

  3. Shelleyrae at Book& Shelleyrae at Book& says:

    Eve has fallen in love with widower Ian, but his three children aren t as smitten as their father is Navigating the hazards of stepparenting is an uncomfortable experience for Eve, particularly the outright hostility of 12 year old Hannah Needing advice, Eve s best friend Clare suggests she meet with her younger sister Lily who s a part time stepmother to a three year old Melanie has yet to meet her potential 10 year old stepdaughter but lonely and hoping for friendship, she joins the informa Eve has fallen in

  4. Marigold Dicer Marigold Dicer says:

    A word of warning this is not The First Wives Club Aside from the obvious reasons, The First Wives Club is farserious and detailed than this book, and if you haven t read the former than please DO because it is amazing This sort of genre chick lit family drama is the sort I pick up occasionally, intermittently it isn t my regular type of read Half the time I like these types of books, but this one, for me at least, fell into the other half There s nothing fundamentally wrong wit A word of warning this is not The Firs

  5. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    This book takes a look at the lives of four women who are all on the road to becoming stepmothers, and the emotional struggles and heartbreak that can arise from taking on a man who already has children It deals with many emotional issues that are faced by women today in a very sympathetic way, and the females are all portrayed as likeable characters, even when their behaviour is less than perfect.However, because it is written from the females perspective the men come off much less favourably This book takes a look at the

  6. Vivian Muia Vivian Muia says:

    The story was interesting enough But the female characters were so annoying Weak and daft, they were unable to figure out that unless the father is a criminal or psycho, it s in a child s best interests to know him Or at least be told that he wants to meet her The other protagonists made every point other than that one.And what s with the jerks of men Really, these characters were difficult to like and that s why I m going with an It was OK rating on this one.Except the book was also The story was interesting enough But the fema

  7. Linda Linda says:

    A group of womenEve, Clare, Lily, Melanie, and Mandy form a group called The Stepmothers Support Group so they can discuss the issues they each face as stepmothers or soon to be stepmothers.The story held my attention to the very last page Each woman s story is different and will resonate with women facing some of the same problems The setting is Great Britian and the author is British, so much of the vocabulary is Britishoccasionally, I wasn t sure what a character was referring to A group of womenEve, Clare, Lily, Melanie, and Mandy

  8. Cathrine Cathrine says:

    An ordinary chicklit book with somedepth to it What if the the love of your life came with kids attached What would you do and and how would you treat the kids The kids that always will come first, not you The book doesn t give any big insights on those questions, but it gives you a feeling that you re not alone Stepmother, stepfather or stepchild, other s have been in your shoes before Great friends who can lend you an ear or two over coffee and wine is also of course good Definite An ordinary chicklit book with somedepth to it What if the

  9. cheryna27 cheryna27 says:

    The best I can give this book is 3 even though I wanted to give a 4 It s because I love other characters in SSG than I love the main character, Eve I mean, things look easy from her side compared to the others and I believe it is only fair if the other stories, Mandy s for example, was elaboratedby Sam Baker Other than that, the book is a tutor in several life lesson Thanks for being updated too The part where blogging, Gossip Girl and iPod was involved were the parts where I m feelin The best I can give this book is 3 even though I wanted to giv

  10. Julie Julie says:

    I read this in a day as I couldn t put it down Great story and believable characters that you empathised with and wanted to know how it all turned out The Stepmothers s Support Group starts out as three friends meeting for coffee Clare, her sister Lily, and her lifelong friend Eve meet up to discuss Eve s problems with her stepchildren, or the eldest in particular The group expands, as do the stories.

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