10 thoughts on “Tilly's Moonlight Garden

  1. Leonor (Ner) Leonor (Ner) says:

    Also published in A Cup of Coffee and a Book Disclaimer I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I was really excited to read this book since I saw the cover Even though this is for children, you never know whether a book like this might be the best lesson in your life because that s normally what kid

  2. Laura Zimmerman Laura Zimmerman says:

    Tilly s Moonlight Garden came to me for free via a Goodreads drawing, which I entered because it looked like a good book for young girls to read Although I have not read it in its entirety, I have skimmed through it Just looking at the cover, my 7 year old exclaimed that she would like to read it.This is a gentle story of a young gi

  3. Lizzie Sue Lizzie Sue says:

    Not worth 15.99 for 199 pages I don t think so Good thing I got it for only 1.99 Not a fan of the illusory realm The book didn t really explain the difference What part did Helen really play None.

  4. Fallon Fallon says:

    Really good

  5. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    Tilly is somewhat daunted by her new home it s old, and big and strange And even stranger, andscary, is the fact that her mother isn t well A new baby is on its way, and Tilly s mom must spend almost all of her time in bedwith little energy to spare for Tilly But in the night garden Tilly finds the perfect distraction There is the fox,

  6. Sharon Tyler Sharon Tyler says:

    Tilly s Moonlight Garden by Julia Green is a children s book recommended for ages nine and older It is a story that will hit home for children and adults alike Tilly s family moves into a new house, a large house that Tilly s mother has inherited Tilly s father is a writer, often lost in his own work, and her mother is pregnant and ill

  7. Anna Anna says:

    Tilly is a little girl who is feeling lonely and left out, when her family moves to a new house away from her old friends Also, Tilly s Mother isn t feeling well and is on bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy with Tilly s soon to be baby brother or sister Dad is always distracted and taking care of something else and Tilly is too s

  8. Kellee Moye Kellee Moye says:

    What I Think This book was one of the quiet books with a strong, young female protagonist The story is written beautifully and accompanied by lovely drawings Tilly is trying to come to terms with all of the changes in her life and she ends up finding comfort in a garden that she goes to alone, becomes the most magical at night, and is onl

  9. Jackie Jackie says:

    Tilly, having just moved with her parents to a house full of cobwebby corners and drafty rooms, is anxious about making new friends, her mother s difficult pregnancy, and the foreboding, dark garden that surrounds the house One night, she spies a fox in the woods and follows her to a magical, moonlit placeand there she meets a mysterious g

  10. Kitty Honeycutt Kitty Honeycutt says:

    Book Title Tilly s Moonlight Garden Author Julia GreenPublished By Sourcebooks JabberwockyAge Recommended All Reviewed By Kitty BullardRaven Rating 5Review This story is beautiful, enchanting, and worthy of a place on every bookshelf Many books of this type seem to be written primarily for children but this one I could see all ages enjoying

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