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[ Download ] ➵ Transformer  Author Victor Bockris – Submitalink.info Lou Reed Led The Revolution In Rock Music That Would Grow Into Such Different Forms As Glam And Punk Rock, And Introduced Such Taboo Subjects As Drugs And Aberrant Sexuality Into The American Pop Song This First Full Biography Of The Chameleon Like Figure Who Has Continually Revised And Reinvented Himself Probes Beneath The Myths And Contradictions Of Reed S Life To Set The Record Straight Photos.

10 thoughts on “Transformer

  1. M. Milner M. Milner says:

    As someone who s a big fan of Lou and his music but also someone with an idea of how self destructive and awful a person he could be, I had a curious reaction to Victor Bockris mid 90s biography of Reed.Just a bare scraping of Reed s life is bound to sound interesting He chummed with people like

  2. Count No Count Count No Count says:

    Victor Bockris is a fun biographer because he hates most of his subjects.

  3. Kurt Kurt says:

    Victor Bockris is a dreadful writer who has made quite a living writing biographies of New York scenesters and hipster icons Warhol, Burroughs, Patti Smith, etc This smear job of Reed who no doubt deserves it feels like a perso...

  4. Benny Benny says:

    Hoe ga je als ouder om met je rebelse en of verwijfde tienerzoon Geef hem elektroshocks In de Verenigde Staten was dat ooit normaal, zo blijkt uit het eerste hoofdstuk van Victor Bockris Transformer Beeld je de verontwaardiging in als dit zou gebeuren in Noord Korea of China Transformer voor het eerst verschenen in 199

  5. Justin Walshaw Justin Walshaw says:

    Not quite the electrical manual I was looking for.

  6. Kimmo Sinivuori Kimmo Sinivuori says:

    As soon as he came walking into my office, I could see this guy was not too connected with reality, one RCA representative recalled when Lou Reed came to play his Metal Machine Music tapes for the first time 1970s was the decade when Reed truly was mad, bad and dangerous to know Sustained by a cocktail of drugs and alcohol that would

  7. Rose Kelleher Rose Kelleher says:

    What a strange book I hardly know where to begin It does provide a lot of information, but the emphasis is on gossip rather than insight into the man s work, and the editorializing is heavy handed and in some instances downright kooky The author has such a strange perspective that between that and the anonymous sources, dubious grammar, missp

  8. Al Young Al Young says:

    I have been on a Velvet Underground and a Jack Kerouac William S Burroughs kick here lately It sorts of hits home on the point that creative people are not necessarily the people you want to hang out with As if you need extra proof, the new Babyshambles album is rather good.I am not a huge Kerouac fan He never got to me the way Henry Miller or Burrou

  9. Andy Andy says:

    When I first started singing in a band I was so scared that the only way I could get through it was by exercising my cerebral talisman, saying, Just pretend you re Lou Reed and you can t sing in tune but you re cool as fuck Needless to say it got me through a few rehearsals until I found my own voice which ironically enough was described by critics as monoto

  10. Derek Baldwin Derek Baldwin says:

    This is pretty bad, especially the last few dozen pages, written after Lou Reed s death, which adopt a hagiographic tone very out of keeping with the rest of it But then again I had the distinct impression that no one can have proof read this at any point Frequently you d be told a factoid and then told it again very soon afterwardas though the author had stopped fo

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