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Download ➵ Trial by Battle  Author Jonathan Sumption – A Succession Of Catastrophes In The Middle Years Of The Fourteenth Century Brought France To The Brink Of Destruction The Bankruptcy Of The French State And A Bitter Civil War Within The Royal Family Were Followed By The Defeat And Capture Of The King Of France By The Black Prince At Poitiers A Peasant Revolt And A Violent Revolution In Paris Completed The Tragedy In A Humiliating Treaty Of Partition France Ceded Than A Third Of Its Territory To Edward III Of England Not For Sixty Years Would The English Again Come So Close To Total Victory France S Great Cities, Provincial Towns And Rural Communities Resisted Where Its Leaders Failed They Withstood The Sustained Savagery Of The Soldiers And The Free Companies Of Brigands To Undo Most Of Edward III S Work In The Following Generation England S Triumphs Proved To Be Brittle And Short Lived.

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  1. Chris Chris says:

    Easily the best history of the 100 Year s War I ve ever read I studied this in university and wrote a thesis on it and yet this secondary source has taught me again and again aspect of the war and the surrounding politics that either...

  2. Simon Mcleish Simon Mcleish says:

    Originally published on my blog here in May 2001.In England, the Hundred Years War is chiefly remembered for the victories of Crecy and particularly Agincourt There was a great dealto the war or,properly speaking, series of wars and it had important consequences for the development of both the French and English states, and on the conception of these states by their inhabitants as immortalised by Shak

  3. Mark Mark says:

    The Hundred Years War is a conflict that stands out by virtue of its length and yet in one sense, it is about only one part of the longstanding struggle between England and France during the Middle Ages From the moment William the Bastard of Normandy defeated Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings and became William I of England, England and France were intertwined by the complex ties of feudalism, wi

  4. Butternut Longsword Butternut Longsword says:

    I was weaned on Edward perroys brief yet nearly unrivaled history of the hundred years war that book is some couple hundred pages,covering the entirety of the war while volume 1 and 2 alone are 586 each not counting maps, etc volume e is nearly a third longer however, Mr Sumptions efforts are needed as this is the most thorough narrative history of the war available much of this first volume is spent on the g

  5. DoctorM DoctorM says:

    An excellent introduction to the first years of the Hundred Years War, and the opening volume in Sumption s quartet about the era about wars ranging from the edge of the Pyrenees to central Scotland Well researched, well written, often dryly funny, with a keen eye for personalities and places Jonathan Sumption is a law lord, a justice of Britain s new Supreme Court, and his account of the legal intricacies of med

  6. Windsor Windsor says:

    A very dense but readable book about a time I thought I knew quite a lot about Learned where the war actually started, the huge financial setback even the victors were experiencing, plus the sheer volume o...

  7. Jessica O& Jessica O& says:

    I don t think there can be muchto add to reviews of this book It is pretty much a step by step of the long and aggravated war that Edward III incited chasing the crown of France, and though extraordinarily in depth, is one of the easiest reads on the subject you ll likely find that is factual Sumption does a great job of keeping on topic as well, which means anyone looking to books for a wider understanding of medieval s

  8. Mark Walker Mark Walker says:

    A fascinating insight into the exercise and limitations of power Traditionally we think that the further back in history thethat monarchs ruled as they pleased However, the monarchs of England and France had significant limitations to their power Neither had the means of raising money without the assent of nobles This then conferred power to the nobles as monarchs were reliant on them for money as well as manpower The blatan

  9. Jim Golmon Jim Golmon says:

    A labor of love, this is one of the best told histories that I ve ever encountered The first in a series of 4 books so far, produced at roughly 9 year intervals, by an amateur medieval scholar who is a well known lawyer.This is a terrific read about a period which I knew almost nothi...

  10. Sam Josh Sam Josh says:

    Quite excellent, now starting on Vol 2

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