TwiLove Poems: Love in 140 Characters or Less Kindle

TwiLove Poems: Love in 140 Characters or Less Kindle The FIRST and ONLY published collection of poetry designed specifically for Twitter users All of the pieces were written incharacters or less, so they can be thought of as long haikus or micro poems If you re not on Twitter, but crave good heartfelt poetry, this book is also for YOU The theme is perfect not only for Valentine s Day, but poetic getaways throughout the year So grab your favorite cafe drink, that special someone, or just your smart phone, and crawl up with this book of love, desire and celebration Tweet away

6 thoughts on “TwiLove Poems: Love in 140 Characters or Less

  1. Pierce Minor Pierce Minor says:

    I wrote these poems in a special Twitter account and published them in the order of creation It was a fun exercise, and can make for an interesting, emotional and or fun read One of my college buddies even turned the book into a drinking game, which I don t recommend Unless you re over 21 and know how to drink responsibly Just don t drink with any of MY friends.

  2. Muhammad Abdul Muhammad Abdul says:

    i like it

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