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Paperback  ✓ Vitals PDF ñ Blending fierce, fast plots with vivid characters and mind bending ideas, Greg Bear has mastered a powerful alchemy of suspense, science, and action in his gripping thrillers Darwin s Radio was hailed across the country as one of the best books of the year His newest novel, Vitals,begins with a harrowing descent to a netherworld at the very bottom of the sea and then explodes to the surface in sheer terrorHal Cousins is one of a handful of scientists nearing the most sought after discovery in human history the key to short circuiting the aging process Fueled by a wealth of research, an overdose of self confidence, and the money of influential patrons to whom he makes outrageous promises, Hal experiments with organisms living in the hot thermal plumes in the ocean depths But as he journeys beneath the sea, his other world is falling apartAcross the country, scientists are being inexplicably murdered including Hal s identical twin brother, who is also working to unlock the key to immortality Hal himself barely eludes a cold blooded attack at sea, and when he returns home to Seattle, he finds himself walking into an eerie realm where voices speak to him from the dead where a once brilliant historian turned crackpot is leading him on a deadly game of hide and seek and where the beautiful, rich widow of his twin is than willing to pick up the pieces of Hal s life and take him places he s never been beforeSuddenly Hal is trapped inside an ever twisting maze of shocking revelations For he is not the first person to come close to ending aging forever and those who came before him will stop at nothing to keep the secret to themselves Now every person on earth is at risk of being made an unsuspecting player in one man s spectacular and horrifying master planFrom the bottom of Russia s Lake Baikal to a billionaire s bionic house built into the cliffs of the Washington seashore, from the darkest days of World War II and the reign of Josef Stalin to the capitalist free for all that is the United States, Vitals tells an astounding tale of the most unimaginable scientific secret of all exposed by the quest for immortality itself From the Hardcover edition

10 thoughts on “Vitals

  1. Kevin Kuhn Kevin Kuhn says:

    Greg Bear has won multiple Hugos and Nebulas He published this book in 2002 I think it s my fourth or fifth book by Bear For some reason, after reading the inside flap, I believed that this book would follow a man s search for immortality and involve sinister forces attempting to steal or prevent his achievement of life everlasting I thought it would be a thriller where the immortality pr

  2. Megan Baxter Megan Baxter says:

    In this one, Greg Bear has kind of abandoned the ideas for the thrill of the chase It s muchtechnothriller than science fiction, although I suppose the science is enough out there it could sort of qualify But it s the speed at which everything happens, the plot racing by too fast for there to be real consideration of the ideas, that I find a pity I know he can do better, and I d much prefer

  3. Milele Milele says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This is a thriller set in a slightlycapable present day setting The best part of the book was recognizing one location after another in Seattle, Palo Alto and Berkeley The book sets and keeps a fast pace Spoiler alert now as I talk about what I didn t like It became horribly grating as each female character turned o

  4. Gendou Gendou says:

    In this book, bacteria cause aging and are used for mind control This is why I hate Greg Bear he perverts science fiction.He s forcing nature to fit in his weirdo fantasy world.This makes for especially poor science fiction.The end is confusing and vague.Why do I punish myself by reading Greg Bear s books

  5. Josh Josh says:

    As a huge fan of Greg Bear s various wonders of the universe, but I found this to be very dull and disappointing I love science fiction that is grounded in biology, and Greg Bear has some fantastic biology driven novels Blood Music is my favorite, but see also

  6. Spencer Spencer says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Picked the book because I had heard the author was good While the style was decent, and the readability good, the story itself was poor It had a decent core premise, the engineering of bacterial strains released through the population which could later be triggered Unfortunately, it failed to stop or at least reign itself in

  7. K. K. says:

    Plot summary A bunch of people are searching for the secret tonot immortality, but living for a REALLY long timein bacteria Only then there s a big conspiracy, and they re running for their lives.Thoughts Look, it sounds really interesting And when it starts with being in a mini sub heading for the bottom of the ocean, it SEEMS really interesting But then random people started going crazy, and they were on

  8. Mark Schomburg Mark Schomburg says:

    It s hard to stomach all the poor reviews of Greg Bear, especially for this book which is really great I ve found his angle on science fiction to be acutely amazing and convincing probably closer to reality than most readers will admit I guess he is just way over the heads of readers of typical sci fi scenarios With Bear, the science is not just a dumb prop or setting to writecrap, it s actually where the cru

  9. Kristin Cicciarella Kristin Cicciarella says:

    If I could give this book 5.5 stars I would It s a lot like Darwin s radio but less dense It has the same technomedical sci fi slant but you could easily finish it in a few days Instead of discussing human evolution, Bear using genetics as a weapon for espionage and a great freaking story.

  10. Lowed Lowed says:

    This one s good What disheartened me was how Bear tried to put in so many great ideas, but left them behind as he tried to shift from being a really good sci fi book to a lousy thriller trash.Still, this will not hinder me from picking up his other works.

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