Wild Garlic, Gooseberries and Me PDF Á Garlic,

Wild Garlic, Gooseberries and Me PDF Á Garlic, Whether creating a restaurant masterpiece or foraging in hedgerows and woods, the author searches for a new connection between food, people, and land Divided into four themed chapters, It s a Green Thing, Wild Pickings, Nature and Nurture, and Growing in the Dark, each include information and anecdotes about the vegetables that they feature as well as many delicious recipes There are simple salads and soups as well as challenging main meals and mouth watering desserts Recipes include Fresh Tagliolini with Abyssinian Cabbage, Pine Nuts Sheep s Dressing Courgette Flower, Pea and Chive Risotto Samphire Tempura with Coriander Dressing Sea Spinach, Potato and Hazelnut Pancakes Braised Celeriac Gratin of Chestnuts and Blue Cheese with Red Wine Sauce Stunning images of the landscape, the food, and the finished recipes complete this delightful read and unique recipe book

10 thoughts on “Wild Garlic, Gooseberries and Me

  1. Zanna Zanna says:

    Nice creative recipes, great if you have a box scheme, allotment, garden or friend supplying you with exotic veg Otherwise, prepare to sub in Pistachio and lavender brulee easily veganised gets 6 out of 5 stars But the book is too wordy I never bothered to read the stories that come between recipes.

  2. Ruth Brumby Ruth Brumby says:

    While clearly not, and not intending to be great literature, this book is excellently written as a reflection on vegetables, cooking, growing, place and the web of relationships amongst them His voice and personality come across, the book is well structured and the ideas are interesting.

  3. ErinG ErinG says:

    Interesting book if you like vegetables which I do Author is the owner of Ireland s most famous vegetarian restaurants He explains in detail his love of vegetables, discussing some that may be difficult to find in the US Recipes are yummy sounding We were fortuante to stay in Ireland with his grower, who is prominantly featured in the book He cooked us a fantastic dinn

  4. Axion Axion says:

    Lovely stories, complex and intricate recipes, and a good resource for any fan of vegetables

  5. Jenna (Falling Letters) Jenna (Falling Letters) says:

    Interesting reading, but for me not very practical A few recipes I noted, though most are not to my taste.

  6. Mabh Mabh says:

    I love the narrative style, and the mix of memories and recipes The way the book is split into the different sections works well too Very enjoyable.

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